Fundraising – How it Works


Welcome to our virtual fundraising page and thanks in advance for your support!
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Selling Period: YOUR DATES HERE

How to order: View the items on this page below and make your selections. When completing the checkout process enter coupon code YOURGROUP so that your fudge purchase will benefit our group. Please note that this is not a discount code, it simply marks the orders so they may be identified as ours. We will receive 40% of all fudge sales from YOUR DATES with this code applied (excluding shipping).

Shipping: Since this is a virtual fundraiser, you’ll also choose your shipping method and destination. Only one destination may be selected per order. After our selling period ends on please allow up to 14 days for production & shipping to take place.

Tips for storing fudge: Fudge will not spoil, but over time the outer edges may harden if the fudge is left in the open air. Keep your fudge at room temperature, wrapped in the special liner in its box. Storage in a refrigerator may cause fudge to absorb odors and moisture. To store fudge for a longer period of time, put the whole box in a zip lock freezer bag, squeeze out as much air as possible and place in the freezer. The fudge will keep indefinitely in these conditions. When you are ready to eat the fudge, remove it from the freezer, leaving it in the plastic bag until thawed.

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